Terms & Conditions

By using the Pavati Jewelry website, located at www.pavatijewelry.com , you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. These terms govern your use of the Pavati Jewelry website and merchandise and constitute an agreement between you, the user, and Pavati Collections.

Changes or modifications to these terms and conditions may be made at any time and with no advance notice, and are effective immediately upon publishing to the Internet. Your continued use of the website constitutes an agreement to the posted changes of terms and conditions.

Payment Options

Pavati Jewelry accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, certified checks and Postal or Money Orders. Payments must be tendered in United States dollars. All online transactions are handled through our safe and secure payment options and all payment information is kept strictly confidential and secure.

Online and telephone orders generally ship within 48 hours, and will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service. Estimated arrival is dependent on delivery location.

International orders may be purchased using PayPal or credit card and are subject to additional payment verification and possible delay before shipment.

Information Provided on This Website

Pavati Jewelry makes every effort to ensure that the information and product specifications provided on this site are accurate and up to date. In the unlikely event that inaccurate information or product pricing is displayed on this site, Pavati Jewelry will make every effort to remedy the error and to provide the correct information and/or pricing.

  • Sizing and Length Specifications – All ring sizes, chain and bracelet lengths, and measurements are estimated using industry standard measuring apparatus and are represented as closely as is possible. Minor variation of these measurements may occur due to finishing and manufacturing processes and some variation is within industry norms.
  • Digital Images – The nature of digital imaging and product representation via computerized equipment creates the opportunity for images to appear differently when viewed from different sources. Pavati Jewelry’s objective is to provide our customers with the most accurate depiction of our merchandise, and every effort is made to provide adequate images.
  • Gemstone Size/Weight/Appearance – Gemstones used in the merchandise presented within this website are manufactured by hand and are therefore subject to irregularities in size and weight, and are not necessarily completely uniform in appearance. The size and weight specifications provided on the website are made to the best of our ability and are intended to be as accurate as possible.
  • Product Availability and Pricing – Data displayed with regard to individual product availability or pricing may inadvertently be listed incorrectly periodically. We advise that your browser history is cleared each time you visit this site to ensure that you are receiving the most accurate and up to date pricing and availability information. If availability or pricing information listed is incorrect, Pavati Collections will provide accurate information in a reasonably timely manner and will remove incorrect data from the website.
  • The Unique Nature of Unique Items – Because the merchandise listed on this website is largely one-of-a-kind and handmade, buyers understand and agree that each piece is unique and individual. Items of similar style and specification may not be identical in nature. Minor variation in size, length, finish, stone shape and color are standard for this type of product.

Ownership of Site Content

All digital content including images, logos, copy, and all other content posted to this website are the sole property of Pavati Jewelry unless expressly indicated otherwise. No duplication, distribution, dissemination, or reproduction of these materials is permitted.

Third Party Content

Pavati Jewelry may post content from and/or links to third party vendors, and informational or related websites. We make no claim as to the safety and/or reliability of these linked sites, are not affiliated or partnered with these websites, and are not responsible for the policies or content found therein.

Local Statutes

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to research and be aware of local laws, statutes, or ordinances governing the purchase, shipment, or possession of items such as animal claws, bones, handmade artifacts, antiquities, or related products. Pavati Jewelry is not responsible for any legal actions, duties, tariffs, or other charges associated with local laws and/or customs related to these products.